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Ideal Metal Manufacturing, LLC is no longer manufacturing or selling metal pen clips, metal pen rings,
metal tips, or metal plungers which are to be attached to writing instruments or small tools.
For information or to purchase these items, click here, or contact
International Metal Products at 413 532 2411.

We provide all kinds of pocket clips:

  • Clips for Pens
  • Clips for standard # 2 Pencils
  • Clips for Mechanical Pencils
  • Clips for Markers / Clips for Highlighters
  • Clips for Pocket Screwdrivers
  • Clips for Small Hand Tools
  • Clips for Scribers
  • Clips for Penlights
  • Clips for Flashlights
  • Ruler Clips
  • Advertiser Clips
  • Clips for Medical Devices
  • Bands for Pens / Rings for Pens
and many more “Clip-able” items.

If you have the product, chances are very high, that we can “clip it”.

A reputation built on 84 years of manufacturing and service excellence

Building a company is not the same as building a reputation. 

Our reputation has been built on 84 years of manufacturing and service excellence - the kind of excellence that brings our customers back for decades. 

Now in the third generation of our family, our customer list is a virtual who's-who in writing instrument manufacturing. 

We know that repeat orders only come from satisfied customers.

Our reputation as the premier supplier within this network has always proven to be our most valued asset.

Pen Clips and Pencil Clips are the foundation of our business, but there is very little we haven't tackled - from exotic fountain pen parts and mechanical pencil mechanisms to simple ferrules and point protectors. 

When A.T. Cross needed a precision pen clip for their state of the art Morph pen ...

A.T. Cross chose
Ideal Metal Products

But, with everything we make, our efforts are always focused on controlling quality for the most precise metal stamping in our industry. 

Need more information?

Please spend a few moments visiting our web site.  

Let us tell you about our 84 year dedication to providing quality and service to our worldwide clients.

We have developed a prestigious worldwide clientele.  Our agents, located around the world, are ready to serve you.

Richard and David Esterow
Senior Management
Ideal Metal Products, Inc.
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